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10/12 Baobab Network Report_ Is Andela’s $700m valuation a bit rich


また、ケニアの電子運搬スタートアップ、Loriが10カ月の試行期間を経てナイジェリアに拡大することを決めたニュースや、Y Combinatorが先週発表した最も価値のある会社の年間リストの中で、ナイジェリアのスタートアップFlutterwaveが97位にランクインしたニュースなどが掲載されています。ぜひご覧ください。


In this edition, Forbes’ articles on Andela, whose

business model is built around placing African tech talent into global organisations, has experienced

unprecedented growth since its launch in 2014, questioning whether recent Andela’s business model might make its valuation hard to sustain as well as the long term effects on ecosystems in Nairobi and Lagos, where Andela has focused a huge amount of its training budget are introduced.

Also the news that Kenyan e-logistics start-up, Lori, has announced to expand their business to Nigerian after a 10-month trial period, Flutterwave, the Nigerian payments start-up, appeared at number 97 on the annual list of most valuable portfolio companies released by Y combinator last week and so on are focused.  The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!


(The Baobab Network report 10/12)