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12/9 The Baobab Networ Report_ Borderless cash


その他、Axian Groupの子会社であるTogocomが Nokiaと共に西アフリカで初となる(アフリカでも南ア、レソトに次ぐ3国目となる)5G networkをトーゴに配備したこと、Foundation Venturesがエジプトに特化した初めてのファンドを終了したこと、南アの時間制アクセススタートアップであるSmartWageが VivaTech AfricArena で優勝し、VivaTech Parisin 2021への参加権を手に入れたニュースなどが紹介されています。


This week, 40 remittance start-ups that are shaping the future of cross-border payments are introduced. 

Also the news that Togocom, a subsidiary of Axian Group, has teamed up with Nokia to activate a new 5G network in Togo, making it the first country in West Africa, and the third in Africa along with South Africa and Lesotho, Foundation Ventures closes debut fund focussed on Egypt, South African wage-access start-up SmartWage has won the VivaTech AfricArena competition, earning the company a trip to VivaTech Parisin 2021, and so on are introduced.


The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!


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