7/1 [The Baobab Network 社のアフリカスタートアップ分析レポート] 


また、教育分野で利用されているエジプトの輸送追跡アプリケーション「Tareeqi」が、オマーンの eMushrif に非公開の価格で買収されたニュースやナイジェリア、ガーナ、セネガルで電子カルテや病院管理情報システムを提供しているHelium Healthが、ケニアに進出することを発表したニュースなどが紹介されています。





This week, some of Baobab’s most popular posts and charts from the last year are introduced on the occasion of the 100th edition celebration of The Baobab newsletter.

Also the news that,Tareeqi, an Egyptian transport tracking application that is used in the education sector,has been acquired by Oman-based eMushrif for an undisclosed amount, Nigeria’s Helium Health, a provider of electronic medical records and hospital management information systems in Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal has announced that it will be expanding to Kenya, and so on are introduced.


The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!


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