Suez Canal Bridge of Innovation

Connect the world, create the future, and unify our spirit, through innovation.
The Suez Canal Bridge was built as a bridge of friendship between Japan and Egypt with the support of the Japanese government.
Like the Suez Canal Bridge, ZENMONDO’s vision is to build a bridge of innovation between Japan and the Middle East and Africa.

The name “ZENMONDO” means “the whole world,” and is derived from our ambition to challenge and bring solutions to a world that is without answers.


ZENMONDO’s network of governmental institutions and investors in the Middle East and Africa,

as well as network of Japanese corporates that has been built so far and has become our strength,
enables us to provide five key values: Human Resources, Knowledge, Funds, HR Development and Networks.


The ZENMONDO “Global Innovation Ecosystem” is composed of members from various backgrounds including government,

academia, companies, ventures, professionals, etc.,

who share the common goal of
① sharing knowledge and developing human resources through our Dojo Academy,
② providing capital through our range of Investment Funds, and
③ utilizing networks of Like-minded Community.


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