8/27 Baobab Report

今回は、ナイジェリア筆頭の電子農業プラットフォームを運営するFarmcrowdyが開始したCrowdyvestについてやクラウドファーミングの分析、DOB EquityやGIF、ユニリーバ等によるMr.Green Africa(ナイロビ拠点のリサイクルプラスチック卸売業)への出資に関するニュースなどが紹介されています。




We are pleased to inform you that we have received the analysis report of The Baobab Network.

This edition carries articles on Crowdyvest which was launched by Nigeria’s leading digital agriculture platform and a tech-enabled plastic recycling supplier based in Nairobi, Mr. Green Africa having received investment from DOB Equity, GIF and Unilever to expand and build on the aggregation model.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information.Please enjoy!


(The Baobab Network report 8/27)