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11/17 The Baobab Network Report_Mauritius is looking Peachy


また、Wapi Payの共同設立者であるEddieとPaul Ndichu兄弟がナイロビのホテルで乱闘騒ぎを起こした動画がソーシャルメディア上で話題になったことを受け、投資家であるKepple Africa Venturesが関係を断ち切ったニュースや、アフリカの初期ステージVCにおけるジェンダーギャップなどが紹介されています。

This week, the dynamics of incorporation and start-ups in Mauritius are introduced.

Also the news that Kepple Africa Ventures have cut ties with their portfolio company, following a video that went viral on social media in which the Wapi Pay co-founders, brothers Eddie and Paul Ndichu, were involved in a scuffle in a Nairobi hotel, Gender gap in early-stage VC in Africa, and so on are introduced.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!

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