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12/1 The Baobab Network Report Let’s keep things chilled


その他、総合市場へのアクセスやロジ周りの解決を提供することに焦点を置いている Imperialが、アフリカでのe-ロジ技術の拡大を目指しLori Systemsと提携および投資をすることを発表したニュースや、エジプトで2番目に大きな医療品物流会社であるIbnsina Pharmaが地元のオンライン薬局市場である3elagiの75%の株式を取得したニュースなどが紹介されています。


This week, a global effort to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine is introduced. It became clear that one of the key challenges when distributing the drug( COVID-19 vaccine) would be trying to keep it cold, and most reports suggesting minus 80 degrees centigrade as a standard requirement for safe distribution.

Also the news that, Imperial, a company focused on providing integrated market access and logistics solutions have announced an investment in and partnership with Lori Systems, to allow the expansion of e-logistics technology solutions across Africa, Ibnsina Pharma, Egypt’s second-largest pharmaceutical distributor, is acquiring a 75% take in local online pharmacy marketplace 3elagi, and so on are introduced.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!


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