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2/17 The Baobab Network Report_ 60 African crypto start-ups


その他、エジプトの不動産技術プラットフォームSakneenが、 Sarwa CapitalやFoundation Ventures参加の下、Algebra Venturesが主導する110万ドルのシードラウンドを調達したニュースや、アフリカのヘルスケア課題に対する新しい解決策の開発を支援するために”The Africa Oxford Health Innovation Platform”が立ち上げられたニュースなどが紹介されています。

This week, a tonne of new data on Cryptocurrencies in Africa and new AgTech report were introduced.

Also the news that Egypt-based property technology platform Sakneen has raised a $1.1m seed round led by Algebra Ventures with participation from Sarwa Capital and Foundation Ventures, a multi-disciplinary program, The Africa Oxford Health Innovation Platform is launched to assist in the development of new solutions to Africa’s Healthcare challenges, and so on are introduced.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!


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