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3/11 The Baobab network_ Our very own 2019 funding report

2016年の創業以来、新興市場での持続可能な モビリティに関するビックデータを構築してきたWhereIsMyTransportのCEOインタビューや、


2019年の資金調達レポート(過去の振り返りだけでなく、トレンドや今後の動きなども予測できる)がBaobab Insightsで閲覧できること、などが紹介されています。ぜひご覧ください。 


Latest news such as,

Interview of WhereIsMyTransport’s CEO Devin de Vries who has built a big data platform for sustainable mobility in emerging markets since 2016,

Cape Town based Fintech start-up JUMO has raised $52m in a round led by Goldman Sachs to fuel further expansion and the launch of their product in Asia,

and the 2019 funding report which looks back at the year gone by, but also looks forward and makes predictions on where we see key trends moving this year is now live on Baobab Insights,

are introduced.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information.Please enjoy!


(The Baobab Network report 3/11)