5/13 [The Baobab Network 社のアフリカスタートアップ分析レポート] 




・ドバイ拠点のGlobal VenturesがAAICやTencentと共に西アフリカ最大の電子医療記録提供をしているラゴス拠点のHelium Healthに700万ドル出資すること、






In this edition, the result of Baobab’s annual review released in last week which analyzes how AI and mobile diagnostic solutions are being used to improve healthcare in Africa is introduced.

Also, articles such as,

・Nigerian FinTech unicorn Interswitch’s IPO is likely to be delayed due to market instability and investor unease caused by the COVID-19 outbreak,

・Dubai-based Global Ventures has co-led a $7m investment with AAIC and Tencent into Lagos based Helium Health, West Africa’s largest electronic medical records provider,

・Crypto exchange Luno has announced that from May 11th, users will have the ability to

buy and sell Litecoin through their platform.

are introduced.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!

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