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6/3 The Baobab Network Report_ East Africa investment trends



また、ケニアのスタートアップApollo AgricultureがAnthemis率いる600万ドルのシリーズAラウンドを終了したと発表したニュースやエジプトのバーチャルリアリティす スタートアップで子どもの学習障害に取り組んでいるVRapeuticが”Start-up spotlight”で紹介されています。


Recent analysis result of VC trends in East Africa is shared. 

The report  looks at funding trends, key industries and the potential impacts of COVID-19, painting a detailed picture of how this market is developing.

Kenyan start-up Apollo Agriculture has announced the close of a $6m Series A round led by Anthemis, and Egyptian virtual reality start-up helping students tackle learning difficulties, VRapeutic is introduced at “Start-up spotlight”.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!


(The Baobab Network report 6/3)