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9/30 The Baobab Network Report_ We’ve launched expansion tracking

今回は、新たな市場拡大追跡ツールが紹介されています。その他、グローバル企業であるDigital Currency Groupがアフリカ諸国で圧倒的な存在感を持ち、ケープタウンにハブオフィスを構えている、暗号通貨取引大手のLunoを買収したニュースやCareemの共同創設者らが最新のEndeavor Catalystのファンドに出資したニュースなどが紹介されています。


This week, a new market expansion tracking tool is introduced.

Also the news that Digital Currency Group, a global enterprise announced the acquisition of Luno, a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a huge presence across Africa and a major office hub in Cape Town, Careem co-founders invest in new Endeavour Catalyst Fundand and so on are introduced.

The news report is filled with exciting local African information. Please enjoy!


Source: The Baobab Network Ltd,