ZENMONDO Community Terms of Use

ZENMONDO Community Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) contains the terms and conditions of “ZENMONDO Community” services provided by ZENMONDO Co., Ltd. (“we” or “ZENMONDO”).  If you wish to use ZENMONDO Community services (the “Services”), please read these Terms of Use, before registration.  If you register as a member of ZENMONDO Community (“Member” or “User”), you will deem to have agreed to these Terms of Use, and a contract based on these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "User Contract") will deem to have been formed.


1.Use of Services

Fraudulent use of the Services is absolutely forbidden.  Any action, ZENMONDO determines at its sole discretion, that interferes with the Services or goes against the nature of the global business community; access to the Services by means other than those approved by ZENMONDO; or usages that violate applicable laws are all forbidden as fraudulent uses of the Services.  If ZENMONDO determines or suspects that the User has violated the Terms of Use, ZENMONDO may suspend the provision of the Services to the said User.

Some of the Services are membership services that can be used only by the Users that satisfy certain participation criteria.  ZENMONDO may determine at its own discretion whether or not the User has satisfied the participation criteria.  Even in a situation where ZENMONDO has determined that the User satisfied the participation criteria, if ZENMONDO subsequently determines that the User no longer satisfies the participation criteria, then the User will be prohibited from using the corresponding membership services.

In order to use some of the Services, an account granted by ZENMONDO may be required.  Except where ZENMONDO specifically approves otherwise, each User is granted the account individually and is not allowed to share the account with others including other Users.  The User must maintain strict control over the account's password and must not share it with a third party.

Part of the Services may be provided by platforms offered by third parties, such as social networking services.  Regarding the use of such parts of the Services, in addition to complying with these Terms of Use, the User must comply with the terms of use prescribed by the platform's provider.  It is the User’s own responsibility to be compliant with such terms of use.

2.Prohibited Acts

In addition to the prohibited acts set forth in the previous article, the User must not conduct any of the following acts while using the Services:

  • Acts that unjustly discriminate against or slander ZENMONDO, other Users, or other third parties; acts that encourage unjust discrimination against others; or acts that damage others' honor or reputation;
  • Acts that infringe upon or may infringe upon intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademarks, of ZENMONDO, other Users, or other third parties;
  • Acts that infringe upon or may infringe upon ZENMONDO's, other Users', or other third parties' privacy or portrait rights;
  • Misrepresenting oneself as a third party, or pretending to represent or act on behalf of an organization when he/ she does not, or pretending to be in cooperation with another person or organization;
  • Using the Services for commercial purposes, such as soliciting funds, introducing or advertising one’s own products, shops or companies, without prior written approval from ZENMONDO.
  • Inappropriate behavior or expressions that may cause discomfort or harm to a third party, such as swearing, harassment, threats, provocations, or vulgar expressions;
  • Acts of defamation or harassment against ZENMONDO in or outside the Community;
  • Acts or expressions regarding ethnicity, religion, race, gender, age, etc., that may lead to discrimination;
  • Acts that violate laws, public morality, the Terms of Use or any other terms of use, or that violate another person's rights;
  • Any other acts that are equivalent to the above, or that ZENMONDO determines to be inappropriate at its own discretion.


3.User Contents

If documents, photographs, videos, or any other contents that the User create are posted or submitted by use of the Services ("User Content"), the User is deemed to have consented without objection to ZENMONDO’s use of such User Content for purposes of providing the Services.

ZENMONDO will not, in principle, delete Users’ posts or comments.  With respect to the following posts and comments, however, there may be a possibility that they will be deleted by ZENMONDO without prior notice:

  • In a situation where the User Content violates either provision (a) or (c) of the previous Article, or in a situation where a person who claims to be the right owner declares to ZENMONDO with reasonable documentation that the said person’s rights are violated and where ZENMONDO determines that the person’s rights have been violated; and
  • In a situation where ZENMONDO determines that a User has posted or submitted contents through our Services that violates the prohibited acts prescribed in these Terms of Use.


4.Intellectual Property Rights

Use of the Services by the User does not grant the User intellectual property rights or licenses of use for the Services or for images, videos, words, sentences, and articles, brand names, logos, or any other contents included in the Services.  In cases where the User duplicates contents of the Services or uses the contents under the condition where a consent from the intellectual property right owner is required, the User must specifically obtain permission from the intellectual property right owner.

5.Modification or Termination of the Services

ZENMONDO may, at any time, amend or modify, or partially or completely suspend or terminate the Services.

6.Warranty and Disclaimer

The Services are all provided as is in their present condition.  ZENMONDO does not provide any warranties for any of the Services.  Except where exclusion is prohibited under applicable law, ZENMONDO excludes all warranties.

7.Responsibilities for the Services

The Services are used by the User on the User's own responsibility, and thus the User bears any and all responsibility for any act or result brought about by the use of the Services.

Should there be a dispute between Users, the dispute must be resolved between the relevant Users, and ZENMONDO assumes no responsibility.

ZENMONDO, regardless of the cause, assumes no responsibility for general damages or special damages (including but not limited to lost profit, lost data, and financial losses) that are born to the User related to the Services.

8.About the Terms of Use

ZENMONDO may amend or modify the Terms of Use.  The amended Terms of Use will be effective from the time they are posted on ZENMONDO's website except where the effective date is explicitly stated.  If the User uses the Services after the amendment of the Terms of Use, the User is deemed to have consented to the amended Terms of Use.  Users should regularly check and confirm the Terms of Use.

Apart from these Terms of Use, there may be other terms of use that govern only part of the Services (these terms hereafter referred to as "Individual Terms").  If there are contradictions between the Individual Terms and the Terms of Use, the provisions prescribed in the Individual Terms will take priority over the Terms of Use.

Even if parts of the Terms of Use are invalidated by applicable laws, other terms will remain in effect.

The Terms of Use shall be governed by Japanese law.  The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction over all disputes and controversies arisen between Users and ZENMONDO with respect thereto.


Effective Date:  January 1, 2019.