Innovation as a bridge between Japan, the Middle East & Africa

Being surrounded by the sea and having limited foreign contact enabled Japan to develop a somewhat distinctive and unique culture. In the mid-19th century after facing Western civilization with advanced technologies, Japan started investing in education and endeavored to build an industrial state. Now, 150 years later, Japan stands at the dawn of the next revolution.

The Middle East and Africa is home to many ancient civilizations. World-wide religions were established, and science and technology developed. Philosophy, science, culture spread from the region to surrounding areas, while people engaged in trade across oceans and extensive deserts. Historically, many civilizations in the Middle East and Africa prospered with flourishing diverse cultures.

In recent years, the economy of the Middle East and Africa is rapidly growing in the midst of globalization. Furthermore, we now see various efforts in the region to diversify industries to allow societies to develop in a sustainable way. We would like to support the Middle East and Africa in doing this. Also, through educating people about the Middle East and Africa. We hope that we can address prejudices and/or preconceived ideas, which people may hold about the region.

People in Japan and in the Middle East and Africa are surprisingly similar – both cultures are polite, diligent and respect tradition. As such, we believe that we can partner together to create a better future for our communities, societies and the world.

With these goals in mind, we have started to think about how we can develop a new type of business based around connection, learning and mutual understanding.

ZENMONDO’s Activities

ZENMONDO・政策研究大学院大学(GRIPS) ・三菱電機株式会社(MELCO) 共同主催「Practical Challenges with African Administrators — Contributing to the SDGs through Smart Cities in Africa —」 レポート

ZENMONDO は、2020年11月9日に、国立大学・政策研究大学院大学(GRIPS)及び三菱電機株式会社( […]

2019.10.30 ZENMONDO会員主催「日系企業がアフリカでのビジネスで“元”青年海外協力隊員を活用する方法」レポート

2019年10月30日にZENMONDO会員主催による勉強会「日系企業がアフリカでのビジネスで“元”青年海外協 […]

サウジアラビア、オアシスに生きる女性たちの50年 ~「みられる私」より「みる私」~参加レポート

2019年10月5日(土)~12月22日(日)に亘り、横浜ユーラシア文化館にて「サウジアラビア、オアシスに生き […]

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