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ZENMONDO Community membership (Complimentary)

【Recommended for those who would like to gather information, build relationships and expand businesses in Japan, the Middle East and Africa】


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ZENMONDO Club membership (Paid)

In addition to ZENMONDO Community membership (complimentary), ZENMONDO Club is a paid membership for business people who are committed to taking the next step forward from market research and wish to seriously work on the creation of businesses with other business partners.
We provide a unique open-innovation opportunity where ZENMONDO Club members can share practical business knowledge and create value together beyond countries and industries.

For ①Startups with cutting-edge and innovative technologies, and ②Companies with traditional and original services with years of knowledge, there are many investors and business partners in Japan who are highly interested in collaborating with foreign business partners and expanding their businesses to the Middle East and Africa and beyond. We are here to work with you to think about a new business model and deliver your world-class technologies and services to the world, or bridge these technologies and services with you for partnership and investment purposes. In the past, there have been a number of companies that have dramatically transformed and improved their business, after the Lehman shock and the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.
We support your strong will to turn the crisis into a magnificent opportunity in the Post-Corona era where the business environment changes greatly.


1. Hands on “Business Advisory Support”

In this program, a variety of professional advisors in the ZENMONDO community, such as entrepreneur advisors, investors, experts at trading, finance trading, and academia will respond to your critical business issues together, by tackling mid to long term business operational problems and finding clues to solutions. In particular, in order for you to be able to consult with someone to keep your business going in the difficult COVID-19 situation, instead of keeping all the problems to yourself alone, we will work closely with you on measures such as financing, subsidies, employment, remote work, new business model building, relocation of manufactures, overseas business strategy, M&A, business reorganization, sell off, and acquisition, etc. This is a valuable opportunity where you can come and talk to specialists that are otherwise difficult to consult with. We will also connect with overseas experts who can assist you with your challenges in foreign jurisdictions. Consultations from far distance are also available online.

Service Details


  • ZENMONDO‘s exclusive professional staff will first discuss your issues in advance of assigning advisors who will consult with you about your business issues.

②Private consultation:

  • You can then consult with practitioners and expert advisors from diverse backgrounds to whom we assign in order to find solutions to your business issues and problems.


  • We continuously support your business with ZENMONDO's follow-up services.
①Hearing by ZENMONDO’s exclusive professional staff ≫ ②Private consultation by expert advisors ≫ ③Follow-up
※ Advisory support will be conducted online
※ Please note that depending on the expertise and specialization required, we may not be able to provide the service and you may need to consult with a specialist directly.

【Basic members : once a month】
【Advanced members : twice a month 】

<Optional Services>※with additional fees

  • Additional consultation (more than once/twice a month)
  • Individualized advice and support for strategic negotiations with overseas business partners


2. Open Innovation 「Remote Business Matching Support」

The biggest impact that COVID-19 has brought about on global business is restrictions on movement and travelling. The stagnation of economic activity will have the most negative impact that will last long until the post-Corona period. At ZENMONDO, we leverage our strength in connecting business to business through our online platform and our experience in working with numerous embassies and investment agencies to provide a place for open innovation with not only domestic investors but also overseas investors and business partners. Even with travel restrictions, we provide this service as a way to promote what we can do online now, rather than to put overseas business operations on hold.
Together with embassies, we at ZENMONDO (1) conduct pitch events and (2) publish innovation reports for introduction of the technologies and innovative services of Japanese companies and startups to overseas investors and business partners. Moreover, we introduce club members to investors around the world and help them find business partners, fundraising and creating businesses.

Service Details

①Open Innovation strategy building support:

  • We provide advisory support for open innovation with domestic and international business partners, in line with your resources and strategy in the interview. We will also provide a monthly innovation report. (For Corporate Advanced members only)

②Business Matching, jointly operated by embassies:

  • You would have a priority to promote your products and services in our joint newsletter.*
  • We prioritize foreign investment opportunities and JV deals for you.*
  • We would like to invite you to small group events with foreign investors where you will have opportunities to pitch your business.
    (With free presentation brush up service for eligible companies)
    *There will be a selection for the pitch event

【Corporate membership (Basic): Advisory (once when you have joined and once annualy), in line with your business strategy】
【Corporate membership (Advanced) : Advisory (once when you have joined and once annualy), strategy review, in line with your business strategy + a monthly innovation report】

<Option Services>※with additional fees to be discussed
①Advice and assistance in preparing PR forms
②Introducing and following up with oversea business partners online(video&chatting)
③Support for building and implementing oversea business strategies
④Open innovation events tailored to the needs and resources of your new business. You are available to receive proposals for new business ideas and business models in the form of pitches and other activities.


3. ”Dojo Academy” 「Create overseas business models while in Japan」

This program makes It possible to understand the local needs and develop business ideas based on those, for solutions towards social issues while in Japan, by working with foreign government officials in Tokyo. We will take up your existing projects and carry out a practical program. (*optional service・with additional fees to be discussed)
Seminars, workshops, and study sessions will be held face-to-face or online as needed.
Watching ZENMONDO business video contents and accessing archives are also available.

Service Details

①Access to ZENMONDO’s video contents
②Seminar reports, access to ZENMONDO videos archives
③ZENMONDO’s latest news is delivered regularly by mail magazines.<Optional Service>※with additional fees
The Joint Project with National University※ provides opportunities where you work with elite government officials in Tokyo to address the local needs and solutions for social issues, and build a network with local government officials through them.

※Joint project with national universities and the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) “Practical challenges with local Administrators ~Creating next-generation business~”.
Executive candidates from companies responsible for creating next generation businesses will explore business opportunities to solve social issues through discussions with local government officials who are well versed there.
The contents of the program will be custom-made according to each company’s needs.
※ZENMONDO Club's exclusive professional staff will facilitate all services.


<Targeted Investors and Business owners>

  • For those who wish to invest in next generation businesses.
  • For those who are interested in collaborating with Japanese businesses and technologies.
  • For those who want to explore strategies to keep their employees and business going.
  • For those who are eager to create a new and sustainable business model in the post-corona era.
  • For managers who feel difficulties in handling the COVID-19 situation alone and would like to consult with someone.
  • For business owners who would like to make a management decision from a broader perspective rather than to seek only a technical solution.
  • For enterprises with proud technologies and services who want to develop them into the Japanese market and to the world.
  • For startups with great technologies and services who seek to raise funds from investors around the world.
  • For companies that wish to build new business models to live through the post-corona era by open innovation with domestic and overseas startups or business partners.
  • Managers and business owners who realize that the ideal way of global business will surely change in the post-corona era, and who want to boldly challenge together with the same ambitions.

【How to Register】

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