Challenging the world with no answers, creating new industries and innovative talent in the Middle East and Africa.

ZENMONDO is a “Global Innovation Ecosystem” founded in 2020 by Mina Ito (Arai), the representative who has been involved in cases in over 100 countries as a lawyer/international business advisor for the world’s largest law firm for over 30 years. Going beyond the framework of traditional legal activities, ZENMONDO was established to collaborate with business partners from various fields, both domestically and internationally. It embodies her vision of creating cross-border talent that can lead global Japanese companies and thrive overseas.

The name ZENMONDO combines the Japanese word “zen” and the French word “monde” (world), creating a wordplay that represents “the whole world” and “Zen dialogue.” It derives from the aspiration “challenging the world with no answers.”

ZENMONDO particularly specializes in the Middle East and Africa, creating businesses that contribute to solving local issues, promoting reverse innovation through economic zones and pilot projects, and fostering next-generation businesses. We provide support and guidance to cultivate global and innovation talent.


Creating new value beyond borders and leading the way to solving societal challenges,
“Connecting the world, shaping the future, and fostering unity with Innovation”


Cooperating with Japanese enterprises, being leading global companies that possess new value.


No.1 A diverse group of professionals with extensive practical experience

Our team consists of professionals from various fields, including executives from GAFA, serial entrepreneurs, management consultants, lawyers, trading companies, advertising agencies, and IT engineers. With the diverse expertise, we provide supportive guidance and mentorship for innovative new businesses.

No.2 Proficiency in technology and emerging business models in growing fields

Drawing upon the strengths and resources cultivated by Japanese companies over the years, we explore new business perspectives from the standpoint of DX/SX/GX. We aim to create and implement next-generation businesses.

No.3 Proficiency in the trends of business in growth markets

As pioneers in Middle East and Africa business, we have connections with global experts, including embassies in Tokyo. Leveraging up-to-date information and credible local partners, we navigate challenging negotiation scenes smoothly.

No.4 Support in formatting of human assets and increasing profitability

Through our “Dojo Academy/Entrepreneurship Dojo” for creating and implementing new businesses, we aim to foster human assets within companies by sharing the knowledge gained, rather than solely receiving one-sided consultations from professionals. This approach aims to generate sustainable high profits.

No.5 Enhancing the likelihood of success through proactive risk management

New businesses and business models may sometimes challenge existing legal frameworks, requiring extensive reconsideration. We proactively engage in discussions with relevant government agencies, and provide support in strategic planning, negotiation, and rule-making, including building business models, utilizing special economic zones, and establishing new legal frameworks in emerging fields.

※Mina Ito (Arai) holds a lawyer qualification in multiple jurisdictions and is registered with the Tokyo Bar Association as a foreign law practitioner. Within ZENMONDO Corporation, she serves as the Dean of the Dojo Academy and provides guidance and support for management and business development. Please note that ZENMONDO Corporation’s services do not include general legal services for regular legal cases.