The Circulation of ‘Wisdom’: Creating Business for a Sustainable Future

ZENMONDO’s “Global Innovation Ecosystem” aims to create next-generation businesses across borders by forming networks both domestically and internationally. We provide support for nurturing global and innovative talents, as well as fostering the creation of new industries in emerging countries.

What ZENMONDO Ecosystem Aims to Achieve

In the current era of uncertainty and increasingly complex challenges, the world has entered a phase where individuals and single organizations have limited capacity to solve problems on their own. Sharing information and talent has become crucial. By fostering open innovation, businesses can obtain high-potential ideas (the seeds of new businesses) that cannot be generated independently, with the support of necessary partners.

Therefore, ZENMONDO aims to create a “circulation of wisdom” through its ecosystem, which consists of the following flow: ① Information Platform -> ② Dojo Academy -> ③ Comrade Community -> (Value Creation + Solving Social Issues). Through this ecosystem, ZENMONDO provides essential information, supports and guides the launch of new businesses, and assists in the implementation and operation of overseas expansion. ZENMONDO’s support extends throughout the entire process, from providing the necessary information to nurturing new businesses and facilitating their operations in foreign markets.

Provided Value of ZENMONDO Ecosystem

① Through global networks, ZENMONDO leverages the expertise of professionals in suitable positions, creating next-generation businesses across borders. We provide support ranging from scenario planning to strategy formulation and business implementation.

② As a pioneer in African and Middle Eastern business, ZENMONDO operates a professional community that includes experts from these regions, providing insights and information for overseas expansion and business development both domestically and internationally.

③ At the “Dojo Academy / Entrepreneur Dojo,” we offer support and guidance for internal business development and execution of open innovation through collaboration and matching with global startups.