Entrepreneur Dojo

Fostering self-reliant organizations and individuals who can take independent action, and turning expertise into assets for creating the future of companies.

  • Our team of ZENMONDO professionals, with expertise in various fields, (a) creates next-generation businesses and (b) nurtures global and innovative talents (intrapreneurs).
  • Through our programs offered at the Entrepreneur Dojo (such as skill enhancement workshops, practical experience in new business ventures, on-the-job training, and startup secondments), we establish individuals and organizations that can take proactive action, forming a self-sustaining engine of innovation that becomes a valuable asset for companies.

①Corporate New Business Ventures

“Innovation Generation from Within
We provide support from scenario planning and exploration of new business themes to business planning and implementation, along with the development of internal talent.

②Open Innovation

“Open Innovation with External Collaborations”
We support and guide the realization of open innovation through collaborations with startups and investors in the Middle East and Africa, coupled with internal talent development.

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