“Leap Power” and “Potential”: The Key to Solving Social Issues Lies in “Innovation”

“Leap Power” and “Potential”

ZENMONDO Corporation’s representative, Ms. Ito has served as an international lawyer and strategic advisor for nearly 30 years. She has gained the trust of top companies in Japan and around the world, as well as local governments. With the support of her team, she has successfully led businesses in over 100 countries. Among her experiences, her assignment in Cairo over a decade ago and her business ventures across various countries in the Middle East and Africa have allowed her to recognize the region’s “leap power” and “potential.” Since then, ZENMONDO has been dedicated to supporting expansion in this region.

Why Japan and the Middle East Africa?

Over the past decade, Ms. Ito has served as an advisor to the embassies of various Middle Eastern and African countries in Tokyo, providing her with the opportunity to understand the needs and challenges of these nations from a local perspective. In the Middle East and Africa, everyday life is filled with numerous challenges, and addressing these issues often directly translates into business opportunities. This stands in contrast to Japan, where it is relatively difficult to gain such business insights within a relatively prosperous society, leading to a lower propensity for innovation.

ZENMONDO believes that the key to addressing the respective social issues in Japan, the Middle East, and Africa lies in “innovation.” Japan faces challenges such as the “lost three decades” and a decline in international competitiveness. The Middle East is confronted with the need to transition from dependence on oil and foster next-generation industries. Africa holds the potential for leapfrog development due to its vulnerable infrastructure. While these three regions differ significantly in terms of resource richness, societal maturity, and the challenges they face, we believe there is a mutually beneficial “win-win” relationship where we can complement each other’s weaknesses.

Why is now the best timing?

The Middle East and Africa have undergone remarkable transformations in the past decade. The pace of development has been surprisingly rapid, resembling the stage of Southeast Asia approximately 30 years ago when Ms. Ito was stationed there.

On a global scale, resources and talent are increasingly concentrated in the innovation of advanced and emerging countries, leading to the intensification of “Red Ocean” markets (highly competitive markets). With its unique ecosystem strategy, ZENMONDO leverages the financial power of the Middle East and the technological expertise and talent of Japan, enabling it to become a pioneer in the Middle East and Africa market, which is often referred to as the last remaining “Blue Ocean” market in the world.

The Role Japan Should Play

Japan, being a country with limited natural resources, has focused on developing its technological expertise, organizational capabilities, and nurturing human resources. In the current global context, where sustainable growth and the achievement of SDGs are emphasized, the accumulated knowledge and know-how that Japan has cultivated over the years are in high demand. In the Middle East and Africa, where there is a strong affinity for Japan, it is crucial to identify innovative opportunities based on local business needs and leverage Japan’s strengths in various fields to create new businesses. Through collaboration with partners, we aim to pursue both economic and social returns.

ZENMONDO strives to connect the world, create the future, and foster human connections.