Startup Matching

Enabling encounters with the unknown and laying the groundwork for victory.

  • We support the expansion of investment portfolios for investors in the Middle East and Africa through matching with Japanese startups.
  • We conduct startup scouting in the Middle East and Africa for domestic companies, including considerations for LP investments in local venture capital firms, direct investments in local startups, alliances, and other types of matching based on specific needs.

①For Middle East and Africa Investors

“Scouting and Introduction of Japanese Startups”
We facilitate matching between investors in the Middle East (VCs, individual investors, etc.) and Japanese startups, providing support for value enhancement of startups through various professional services.

②For Japan Domestic Companies

“Scouting and Introduction of Middle East and Africa Startups”
We collaborate with investors in the Middle East and Africa to introduce startups from the region to domestic companies, facilitating investments and M&A transactions. This enables the creation of new value through collaborations between domestic companies and startups.

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