Business Co-creation and Accompaniment

Enhancing the success rate through supportive accompaniment for the creation of new businesses

  • A professional team with the optimal knowledge and skills, tailored to the stage and challenges of new business ventures, participates as a member of the startup team.
  • For the steady achievement of management challenges such as innovation and carbon neutrality, we swiftly facilitate tasks such as issue clarification, solution consideration, and roadmap development.

①Co-creation and Accompaniment Support

“Co-creation and Accompaniment Support for New Business Creation”
Co-creation and accompaniment support involves professionals (teams) with the necessary specialized skills providing accompaniment to clients from business strategy and planning to business realization for new ventures.

②Quick Diagnosis

“Open Innovation Diagnosis / Carbon Neutrality Diagnosis”
Through evaluating the progress of various management challenges in light of best practices, we provide a clear understanding of the issues, consider effective approaches, and develop an execution roadmap in as short as 1.5 months. This enables us to identify the current state of management challenges and determine the next viable steps.

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