We would like to introduce our five services offered through the Dojo Academy business. Through our advanced knowledge and extensive experience, we aim to create innovative Japanese talent capable of leading the world and thriving in international markets.

Our business is focused on nurturing internal entrepreneurs, fostering new ventures, and providing support for expanding into growth regions such as the Middle East and Africa.

Entrepreneur Dojo

Developing individuals and organizations capable of taking independent action, turning know-how into assets that shape the future of companies.

・Corporate New Business Ventures
・Open Innovation

CXO Advisory Office

Assisting innovation creation as a right-hand advisor,
facilitating smooth and speedy decision-making.

・Introduction of Innovation Professionals
・Deployment of Management Team/CXOs

Global Expansion

The key to leap forward lies in global expansion,
where Risk & Opportunity Management leads to becoming a leading company.

・Strategy & Planning
・Expansion into the Middle East and Africa

Startup Matching

Enabling encounters with the unknown and laying the groundwork for victory.

・For Middle East and Africa Investors
・For Japan Domestic Companies

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