Being a company that brings impact to the future together with our clients.

We continuously challenge ourselves to create a diverse range of innovative insights and cultivate Japanese talent capable of leading globally. Based on our extensive experience in various industries, we collaborate with our clients to add value to technology and services, creating products and solutions that contribute to a better future society while pursuing both social and economic returns.

“Company Profile”

Company Name: ZENMONDO Co., Ltd.
Business Activities: Creating “Global Innovation Ecosystem”
(1) Dojo Academy Services:
  “Entrepreneur Dojo”
  “Business Co-creation and Support”
  “CXO Advisory Room”
  “Global Expansion”
  “Startup Matching”
(2) Comrade Community Services
(3) Information Platform Services
Established: May 2020
Representative Director: Mina Ito (Arai)
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Contact Us