Message from CEO

Connecting the world, shaping the future, and fostering unity.

With excitement for the stimulation and discoveries that arise from different values, languages, and cultures, I have been involved in cross-border business across more than 100 countries over the past 30 years. I have witnessed remarkable developments in countries that leave one in awe, encountered people in supposedly dangerous regions who possess sparkling, pure hearts. Through these experiences, I realized that business negotiations are about establishing a connection and understanding with the people we meet.

Although ZENMONDO Co., Ltd. is a newly established company, I aspire to share the knowledge gained from my extensive international experience as a lawyer, business advisor, external director of listed companies, and entrepreneur. While my individual efforts may be limited, I believe that by collaborating with a diverse group of experts from various industries who share the same vision, we can add value to Japan’s ‘craftsmanship’ and ‘hospitality,’ renowned worldwide, and deliver “new value creation” to customers who admire Japan globally. The accumulation of these efforts will contribute to the development of growth regions like the Middle East and Africa.

At our company, in addition to generating innovative businesses from Japanese technology and services, and expanding them overseas, we provide another service. Leveraging the leapfrog phenomenon where technologies and services that surpass the imagination of developed countries are created in growth regions, including the Middle East and Africa, we engage in open innovation to acquire highly innovative ideas (business seeds) and transform our clients’ businesses into high-value ventures. Furthermore, regardless of the service we offer, we prioritize the development and guidance of our clients’ personnel into global innovation leaders.
We aim to support our clients’ value creation and contribute to the resolution of social issues that leave a lasting impact on the future. Together with professionals specializing in growth technologies such as DX/SX/GX and experts with strengths in “global expansion in growth regions” like the Middle East and Africa, we strive to make a difference.

ZENMONDO’s mission is “connecting the world, shaping the future, and fostering unity,”and we will continue to serve as a bridge.

Mina Ito (Arai)
CEO, Representative Director